Betting Odds For Tigers Woods’ 2013 Major Total Formed, With Masters Just One Week Away

With just over a week remaining until the first round of the 2013 Masters gets going, we wanted to take a moment to talk to you bettors about Tiger Woods, and the odds that have been formed for him relating to Major championships this season.

As it stands now, there are a couple of betting lines that you can get in on with some solid payouts as to how the No.1 ranked golfer in the world will perform in the four biggest tournament this season.

Masters Futures are already up, and those futures wagers will turn into week-of odds next week. As of now, Woods is set at 5/2 to win the Masters this year.

But the the two betting odds that we want to focus on deal with the entire crop of 2013 Majors, and thus, give bettors four more times the chance to win and cash in on the wager.

Bovada Sportsbook has formed a bet asking the exact number of Majors that Woods will win in 2013, as well as a betting line simply asking whether or not he will win a Major in 2013.

Looking at the first of the two betting lines, there are five options that you are presented with. They range from ‘none’ with a -130 payout, all the way to the Grand Slam, with a +6600 payout, or 66 to 1. But within those two options, there is room for a solid payout should the bet be won. A wager on just one Major win will pay out nearly 2 to 1, set at +185. That gives you the bettor four opportunities for him to get into the winners circle.

But if Woods is somehow able to win two of the four Majors this season, a payout of 7 to 1 is awarded to a correct wager. And truthfully that doesn’t seem like a far stretch, as well as he has been playing this season. It comes down to the risk versus reward, and a betting line like this, especially surrounding the one or two mark, could be worth it.

But if you are not into picking the exact number of Majors that Woods will win in 2013, there is the other option. Here, it just comes down to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option as to whether Woods will win a Major. A wager on ‘yes’ is actually paying out even money, which is a pretty solid margin of profit for a golfer who has won three times already this year.

Be sure to check these betting odds out at Bovada, as they are likely to go down the day before the start of the 2013 Masters.

There will also be a number of betting odds for Woods, relating to the 2013 Masters beginning on Monday, April 8th.

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