Tips For Betting On The 2018 Masters

Tips For Betting On The 2018 MastersThere is no doubt about it, the 2018 Masters Tournament is going to be a huge part of the current year’s sports calendar. Millions of viewers from around the world will tune in to watch the four-day-long tournament, held for the past 85 years at the famed Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia, and many of those almost countless golf fans will be looking forward to betting on the first – and biggest – Major tournament on the PGA Tour. However, even if you follow golf closely and have some extra money set aside for trying your hand at wagering on the sport, it still helps to consider a few tips for betting on the 2018 Masters online, since internet-based sportsbooks is where you are likely to find the best action on the tournament.

From the outset, it is important to understand that betting on the 2018 Masters online is not just another option available to American (and even some international) sports fans when they want to place wagers on the “Gentleman’s Game” played on its biggest stage. Thanks to the overreach of federal anti-sports betting laws, offshore sportsbook sites offer the only means golf devotees have for legally placing bets on the Masters and other tournaments on the PGA Tour other than visiting brick-and-mortar casino sportsbooks on the Las Vegas Strip. You can read more about the ***Laws Affecting Legal Online Masters Betting*** here. Being that this is the legal situation of sports betting (for the time being) in the United States, our guide – filled with tips for betting on the 2018 Masters online – should go a long way toward helping you get in on the action and cash out a huge winning ticket in the process.

Step 1: Find A Masters Betting Site

So you have made the decision to put some money behind your golf fandom and bet on the 2018 Masters Tournament, which is set to start on April 5 (and that’s not far off, so good on you for locking in your bets early). That’s great, but first you are going to need to find a Masters betting site that legally serves bettors in the United States or even gamblers that live in other countries, and, fortunately, we have plenty of recommendations in that regard. Without question, the best offshore Masters betting sites serving bettors everywhere are Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365. While there is no guarantee that every one of our most recommended sportsbook will work in each and every state or in any country in the world, you can generally assume that, between them, you will definitely find one or more sites that accept players from your area. For example, Bovada doesn’t accept players from states like New York or Maryland, whereas Bet365 – which works almost everywhere else – is off-limits for United States bettors.

Now that we’ve cleared up which sites are the best and touched briefly on where they will and won’t work, we need to tackle a bigger question: what makes these leading sportsbooks sites the best available when it comes to betting on the 2018 Masters online. At their essence, the advantages shared by the sites we recommend the most come down to three areas: ease-of-use, reputability (and reliability) and unbeatable odds, even as they each have their own particular pros and cons. The degree to which our highest-rated sportsbook sites make it easy to find and place bets on every matchup at the 2018 Masters, the emphasis on security in ensuring consistent payouts and providing plenty of deposit options, and, finally, the potential for profitability inherent in the Masters betting odds themselves is what seals the deal.

Step 2: Get Current 2018 Masters Betting Odds

All the leading legal offshore sports betting sites we recommend for our readers interested in placing wagers on the first of the four Majors on the PGA Tour (and arguably the most significant from a statistical perspective) will be listing betting lines on the Masters if they aren’t already. If you want to get current 2018 Masters betting odds, you will need to head over to the golf betting sections of sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes or Bet365 and take a look. Each of these sites has a slightly different take on the current Masters betting odds, and some sites like BetDSI are going to focus on prop bets (we will get into that wagering method in greater depth later on). When taken in summation, you simply won’t find better options for placing wagers on the PGA tournaments you’re going to be watching anyway, so why not make a little extra real money on the side?

At any rate, the current 2018 Masters betting odds definitely favor American golfers on the whole: Dustin Johnson – currently ranked as the No. 1 golfer overall anywhere in the world – is tied (or close to it) on the online betting boards at American- and Euro-friendly sportsbooks with 24-year-old Jordan Spieth. The latter, who won the 2015 edition of the Masters, is being looked at as the possible future face of professional golf, and that’s why he has the same +750 moneyline odds as the more experienced Johnson, who, as luck would have it, has come close but hasn’t yet clinched a win at the Masters. These two rivals are so evenly matched that Bet365, which primarily serves the UK and international betting market, lists Spieth as the 9/1 favorite with Johnson as a the close runner up at 12/1.

Another prominent players to watch going into the 2018 Masters is Irishman Rory McIlroy, who has odds of +1000 on the Bovada moneyline and was recently bumped up to 10/1 odds at Bet365 after a few good showings in recent tournaments. Also worth watching are American Justin Thomas (+1200, 22/1), Australian Jason Day (+1400, 22/1), American Rickie Fowler (+1400, 18/1), Spaniard Jon Rahm (+1600, 20/1), American Tiger Woods (+1600, 25/1) and Japanese Hideki Matsuyama (+2000, 22/1). Finally, longtime figures of the sport like Bubba Watson (+2000, 80/1), Phil Mickelson (+2500, 50/1) and Sergio Garcia (+3300, 20/1) – the defending 2017 Masters champion – also shouldn’t be counted out by savvy bettors as likely sources of a shakeup down the stretch of the four-day tournament.

Step 3: Understanding Masters Betting Odds

Now that we have talked at length about where to place bets on the 2018 Masters Tournament as well as what the current odds themselves are shaping up to be this year, we need to devote a little time to explaining how to read the odds. This is one of the most crucial tips for betting on the 2018 Masters online because without having a thorough understanding of Master betting odds you aren’t going to be successful in the long run. Fortunately, betting odds – regardless of the system in which they are listed - are not too terribly difficult to figure out, even if you are a complete and total sports wagering novice.

Moneyline Odds On The Masters

The most common system for writing and listing odds on the Masters and other sporting events found at sportsbooks (whether of the digital or the brick-and-mortar variety does not make a difference in this case) serving United States-based bettors is the “moneyline system.” In essence, the moneyline odds on the Masters, and really any other sporting event, are simply the written expression of an individual player to achieve a particular outcome – in this case, let’s say “will X player win the 2018 Masters?” The reason a moneyline is called a moneyline is because the odds are expressed in terms of a base of $100 wagered or won upon making a bet.

Generally, the more likely a player is to win, the lower the dollar-amount attached to their name will be. In fact, favorites will often have their high likelihood of winning represented by negative amounts, whereas the underdogs will have their chances represented by positive numbers. What this means in practice is that betting on the favorite will often involve wagering more than $100 in order to make a profit of $100, while betting on the underdog often involves putting up only $100 on the chance to win many times in excess of $100 if you pick correctly. We’ll take a look at a real-world example below.

Masters Moneyline Odds Example

  • Arnold Palmer -700
  • Greg Norman +1000

As we mentioned before, in these examples you can see that a bet for Arnold Palmer (the golfer, not the half tea-half lemonade drink named after him) is pretty much a sure thing based on that moneyline. However, that means you have to wager $700 in order to make a profit of $100 for a total of $800, and not everybody has the money to cover that kind of action. On the other hand, a bet for Greg Norman (one of the all-time greats if there ever was one) would only require $100 in order to win another $1,000 on top of that if he were to win in this hypothetical Masters dream match.

Fractional Odds On The Masters

In the UK the bookies love writing odds using the fractional odds system. This method of listing odds is where we get expressions like “a million to one” to indicate that something is pretty unlikely to ever happen. However, the way fractional odds on the Masters are written (for our purposes we are referring to the golf betting boards at Bet365), looks more like this: A/B. In order to read fractional odds, you look at the first number as the multiplier and the second number as the investment. So in the case of Jordan Spieth’s current Masters betting odds of 9/1, that means if you bet $1 you’ll win nine times that much not counting your original investment. We’ll take a look at a few real world examples using the same dream match scenario from before.

Masters Fractional Odds Example

  • Arnold Palmer 7/1
  • Greg Norman 15/2

In this case, we can see that a bet of $1 on Arnold Palmer would bring in winnings of $7, so that’s a profit of $6. Not bad, but take the case of Greg Norman’s hypothetical 15/2 odds: if you bet on the “Great White” your same wager of $1 will go a little further, provided that you win the bet. If Norman were to win this Masters Tournament dream match against the legendary Arnold Palmer, then you would win a combined total of $8.50, or $7.50 in profit. We could do the statistical math to show you how we arrived at that number, but it really isn’t necessary, as most sportsbooks will calculate all that for you, making it easier than ever before to enjoy betting on the 2018 Masters online.

Step 4: Choose The Best Deposit Option

Now that you’ve decided on the sportsbook site you want to use, you’ve found the odds you’re looking for and you’ve done your research and made your pick as to which golfer you think will win the Masters this year, it’s time to choose the best deposit option. Ultimately, the decision as to which deposit method you use to bankroll your legal online sports betting account comes down to your personal needs. You will need to ask yourself how much money do you want to bet at one time, what sport are you betting on, how soon do you want to withdraw your winnings and how quickly do you want to be able to collect them and so on, but if you can answer those questions we do have a few deposit-related tips for legally betting on the 2018 Masters online.

Firstly, consider the amount of money you have set aside for betting. If you’re not comfortable risking a lot at one time or you just don’t have that much to wager, then sites like Bovada might be a better choice for you, as, generally speaking, the deposit limits are lower at that Latvia-based sportsbook site than at some of its competitors. If you decide to use Bitcoin to make your first deposit, you can contribute up to $5,000 at a time, which is pretty good considering there is a 100 percent match offered as a promotional bonus offer for new account holders. If you fancy yourself a bit of a well-heeled bettor, you should probably go ahead and check out our ***High Roller’s Guide To Betting On The 2018 Masters***, where we discuss deposit options like Bankwire transfers at BetOnline and SportsBetting, which do not have a maximum deposit limit at all.

Secondly, the sport you’re betting on really does play a large role in determining the deposit method that works for you, as some sporting events – of which golf tournaments are one – have lower maximum limits than other sports like football or basketball. That doesn’t mean you cannot expect to win big if you pick the winners at the 2018 Masters, it just means that you won’t be able to bet as much at one time if you decide to bet on any of the Major PGA Tournaments. Also, this is pretty much true across the board at all the sportsbooks we recommend – those being Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365 – so don’t look for too much of an advantage at one or the other site.

Thirdly, you will need to ask yourself how often you honestly expect to withdraw your winnings after you are successful at betting on the 2018 Masters online. This is important, as it will determine whether or not you would be wise to take the bonus and promo offers the sportsbook sites offer you after you’ve made your first deposit. We say that because, sometimes, in order to collect the cash-match bonus money they give you for bankrolling your account at their site, the bookies will enforce “rollovers,” and that means you will need to wager several times your initial investment before you can withdraw any winnings.

If you want to pick Tiger Woods to win the 2018 Masters and then immediately withdraw your winnings to pay some bills or what not, we strongly advise against taking the promotional offer as the conditions they have may not work out so well for you. However, if you are planning on betting on several Masters prop bets or even betting on the outcome of several tournaments on the PGA Tour, by all means go ahead and take the sportsbook’s free money.

Finally, the method you choose to complete your withdrawal should also be a factor you consider. Some methods like Bitcoin or Bankwire transfers make collecting your winnings a snap, and really go a long way toward making betting on the 2018 Masters online a complete cinch. Those methods, which are completely secure, being backed up by several forms of encryption and requiring proof of identification at every step along the way, can be completed in minutes, putting the money in your hands quick and easy. If you decide to go the route of collecting your winnings via debit card or a money order (to say nothing of a check in the mail), MastersBettingOdds wants you to know to be prepared to wait up to several days or even weeks to get your cash in-hand.

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