A High Rollerís Guide To Betting On The 2018 Masters

There isn’t another single event on the PGA Tour that draws as much attention from fans of the “Gentleman’s Game,” casual bettors and serious sports gamblers alike as the Masters Tournament. This prolific invitational golf tournament, held every years since 1933 at the Augusta National Golf Club in rural Georgia over the course of four days each spring, attracts bigger handles than any other golf event held anywhere in the world. Naturally, with the spectacle of new rivalries forming and old scores between golfers still to be settled, the enthusiasm for betting on the 2018 Masters is at its absolute peak among so-called “whales,” otherwise known as high rollers.

Betting on the Masters has been big business for the better part of 80-plus years, but nowadays the handle is expected to total out in the neighborhood of several billion dollars. As usual, the majority of the bets placed on events like the Masters comes from small-time bettors placing a couple hundred dollars at most on the tournament. But fans just looking to make a little extra money on the side by picking winners on the week of the tournament don’t hold a candle to the bets placed by legitimately well-heeled individuals. These whales are looking looking to wager – and win – massive sums over the course of the Masters, not every gambler with a whale-sized betting budget has all the knowledge necessary to bet big effectively, and that’s where our high roller’s guide to betting on the 2018 Masters comes in.

Understanding Deposit Limits And Maximum Wagers For High Rollers

What betting on the Masters like a real high roller comes down to at its most basic level is understanding deposit limits and maximum wagers and how the whole process work at the legal online sportsbook of your choice. Typically, those factors come down to the method you use for bankrolling your account, as some methods have a much lower – or substantially higher maximum amount that you are allowed to deposit at any one time. Similarly, the maximum about you will be able to wager varies by the sportsbook (or sportsbooks) you choose and the sports you choose to wager on, though PGA Majors events do at least enjoy some of the highest single wager betting limits of any sporting event on the betting boards.

Masters Sportsbooks With The Highest Deposit Limits

The first thing you’ll need to do is take a look at the limits on deposits set by the individual US-friendly Masters betting sportsbook sites. Bovada, which is based in Latvia, has different maximum deposit limits depending on the method you wish to use to bankroll your account upon joining the site. For instance, if you use a credit card like VISA or Mastercard then the maximum deposit limit you’re going to be able to take advantage of is $1,500, but that limit can jump to $5,000 if bankroll your account using the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. There are other methods of making deposits at Bovada as well, but if you’re serious about betting the absolute most on the 2018 Masters that you can – and accordingly winning more than other bettors after a successful pick – so it’s going to pay off tremendously (in a figurative and literal sense) if you shop around for the highest possible limits.

If you take that strategy, you’ll discover that it’s not Bovada with the highest deposit limits, despite that site’s position as the most popular in the online sports betting industry. BetOnline and SportsBetting, Antigua-based sister sites, have some of the highest deposit limits you will find anywhere. There are some other differences between these two nominally quite similar sites, such as the fact that BetOnline accepts American Express cards, but they are practically identical in the terms high rollers are most interested in: you can make deposits of up to $25,000 using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Furthermore, there is no limit whatsoever if you bankroll your account using the Bankwire direct transfer method, which, when combined with the massive bonus offers available for first-time deposits and account reloads, makes it possible to bet gargantuan amounts time and time again.

Masters Sportsbooks With Highest Wager Limits

Now that you know how to get the most out of your deposit, we’ll take a look at the Masters sportsbooks with the highest wager limits. In that case, it’s actually going to be SportsBetting that pulls ahead of most other competitors in this tightly contested segment of the online gambling marketplace. The Antigua-based ‘book has a $500 limit on score spreads, totals and team totals on the PGA Tour, but bumps that up to $1,000 on moneyline bets. Bovada, for instance, doesn’t even allow spread bets, totals bets, parlays, head-to-head bets and so on, and limits moneyline bets to $500 at a time.

BetDSI takes the maximum wager to a significantly higher level, seemingly all for the sake of high-rolling bettors. The customer service department at this site has been known to accept single wagers of tens of thousands of dollars, which helps offset the comparative disadvantage that PGA Tour events don’t bump up wager limits even for big events like the 2018 Masters. Pretty much the rule of thumb to stick to is this: even if the sportsbooks say they won’t accept a wager over a certain amount, the truth is that if you’ve got the money in your account and it all checks out, the bookies will take your bet. Just ask the customer service folks nicely and they’ll help you out.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of how to bet on the 2018 Masters like a legit high roller, all that is left to be done is to prove you’ve got the scratch and the guts to put down the kind of money that only a true-to-life whale can bet. Elsewhere on MastersBettingOdds you’ll find tips for how to bet on the Masters, a breakdown of the different wager types available at the leading legal offshore sports betting sites and analyses of the current 2018 Masters betting odds. Between that information and this high roller’s guide to betting on the 2018 Masters you should be all ready to get in on the action and cash out the kinds of huge winning tickets that go hand in hand with this level of sports betting.

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