Can I Legally Bet On The 2018 Masters Online

With the biggest tournament on the PGA Tour swiftly approaching, you’re probably asking yourself just one question if you are a serious fan of “the Gentleman’s Game” or a dedicated sports bettor: “Can I legally bet on the 2018 Masters online?” Due to federal and state anti-gambling laws in the US, placing your wagers on the firs of the four annual Majors tournaments on the PGA Tour via internet sportsbooks is not only the only legal means of doing so for most Americans, but it is also easier than you might expect. That’s because online sportsbook sites based overseas (where gambling laws are more conducive for legal sports betting) have filled the niche that land-based sportsbooks attached to casinos would occupy if they were legally able to.

Despite the many benefits of using internet sports betting sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes or Bet365 to place wagers on the 2018 Masters, not every bettor interested in doing so understands the particulars of how this can be done legally. We’re here to rectify any confusion you may have, and hopefully provide insight into the fun that can be had – and the money that can be won – when you legally bet on the 2018 Masters online. In the process, we’ll go over the current odds on the Masters available at our favorite online sportsbooks, briefly discuss the laws that impact online sports betting and give feedback on our favorite sportsbooks and why you should use them to legally bet on the 2018 Masters Tournament.

Current 2018 Masters Tournament Betting Odds

All the leading legal offshore PGA sportsbooks we recommend for our readers – those sites being Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365 (the latter does not accept US players, however), are offering current 2018 Masters Tournament betting odds. As of now, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth are the front-runners, and it is almost too close to call between them. Though the 34-year-old Johnson has the edge in terms of experience and overall wins, the 24-year-old wunderkind Spieth has already won the Masters back in 2015 – and actually holds the course record for a pro – leading to a situation in which both golfers have moneyline odds of +750 but fractional odds of 7/1 and 15/2, respectively.

Some other good choices for savvy bettors to consider are Rory McIlroy (+1000 at Bovada and 8/1 at Bet365), Justin Thomas (+1200, 14/1), Jason Day (+1400, 12/1), Rickie Fowler (+1400, 18/1), and John Rahm (+1600, 16/1). There are, of course, some golfers in the field that have longer current 2018 Masters Tournament betting odds but could still be worthwhile if you want to take a bit of a chance: Tiger Woods has moneyline odds of +1600 and fractional odds of 18/1, while Bubba Watson has +2200 moneyline odds and 25/1 fractional odds. Phil Mickelson is going for +2500 at Bovada and 25/1 at Bet365, whereas the 2017 Masters winner Sergio Garcia is listing further back at +3300 and 40/1, respectively.

If you’re interested in the current 2018 Masters Tournament betting odds but don’t want to bet on the main tournament winner lines, all our most highly recommended PGA betting sites will offer special betting lines, prop bets for individual players and the tournament as a whole. The only way to keep fully abreast of all the updates to the betting boards is to visit the top-rated legal offshore sportsbook sites fairly regularly in the lead-up to the tournament and during the four-day event. Nevertheless, we’ll do our best to make sure you have all the most recent and up-to-date current betting odds on the 2018 Masters Tournament.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Masters In The USA?

Like many other high-profile sporting events, the Masters Tournament – held every Spring at the Augusta National Golf Club in rural Georgia – attracts literally millions of individual wagers from bettors all over the world, and this year’s total handle is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Obviously a huge proportion of the betting action is going to come from the United States, but the existence of over-reaching federal laws (and even the gambling laws of most states) prevent Americans from legally placing bets on sports unless they’re physically at a Las Vegas casino’s sportsbook. This quandary has got many folks wondering is it legal to bet on the Masters in the USA if you don’t hit the Vegas Strip, and we are happy to report that it is indeed possible, but you will have to stick to online sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, 5Dimes, BetDSI and Bet365.

As good as that all sounds, some of our readers may still be wondering how exactly it works out that online sportsbooks can get around the federal and state legal prohibitions on sports betting that disrupt the nascent American sports wagering market. The short version is that leading sportsbooks like the ones we recommend are based overseas where there are more favorable gambling laws generally and more favorable sports betting laws specifically, meaning the operators of these betting shops can legally offer US players a chance to wager on their favorite sporting events like the Masters Tournament. We will dive a little deeper into the legal situation the hobby of sports betting finds itself in in the United States in upcoming sections, so read on if you want to gain a more nuanced appreciation for how easy offshore sportsbook sites make it to bet on the 2018 Masters.

Laws Affecting Legal Online Masters Betting

As we have already mentioned, there are numerous US federal and state laws affecting legal online Masters betting and wagering on sports in a general sense, but we haven’t gone into much detail as to the particulars of these laws. More importantly, it’s crucial to understand how these laws should impact your decision to do your betting at a legal offshore sportsbook site, as foreign-based sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365. At the most basic level, there are three primary federal laws that collectively make the practice of betting on sports difficult to outright impossible no matter whether it is done in person or online unless you are inside the state lines of Nevada and three other states.

The way our most highly recommended internet betting shops get around these laws makes them the premier platform for wagering – and winning – real money when you legally bet on the 2018 Masters online. By being based in and licensed by the gaming regulatory authorities in countries in Europe and the Caribbean where sports betting laws are much more open than in the states, our highest-rated online sportsbook sites are simultaneously 100 percent legal while also being entirely outside prohibitions of US federal laws. We’ll dive a little deeper into those laws in the next few sections.

The Wire Act

The first federal anti-sports betting law both chronologically and in terms of significance to the legality of the hobby is the Wire Act of 1961, which specifically targets organized crime syndicates that made untold amounts of money in the 20th century by way of illicit sports betting rackets. The Wire Act made it illegal to place wagers or even to pass along information related to betting over the phone or any other form of wired communications network. Though it only directly punishes criminal organizations, the Wire Act nevertheless makes the prospect of betting on sports via the internet much more difficult for domestic operators to defend.

The Amateur And Professional Sports Protection Act

Also known as PASPA or the Bradley Act after its primary sponsor, this law, which was passed in 1992, went after sports betting on the grounds that it was a moral wrong corrupting the minds of the youth. No, we aren’t kidding. Instead of targeting the role of the mob in fixing sporting events for money-making purposes as the Wire Act did before it, PASPA appealed to the emotions of legislators (who were being plied by the big dollars of professional sports league’s lobbying groups). The effect of this law was to get sports betting limited to Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana, though the latter three states have largely passed legislation of their own to prohibit most forms of wagering on sporting events.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

What a mouthful! This law, which is shortened to UIGEA for convenience’s sake, was passed under less than auspicious circumstances in 2006, being attached at the last minute to a piece of must-pass anti-terrorism legislation, and that fact – combined with its deleterious effect on the US online gambling industry – hasn’t won it many fans. In essence, the UIGEA makes it illegal for financial institutions in the US to process electronic transactions related to gambling over the internet, regardless of what kind of gambling it is. This law, once passed, pretty much destroyed the booming internet poker industry in America, but it also made it quite difficult even for overseas sportsbook operators to process their account holders’ credit card transactions when they tried to make a deposit or collect a payout after a successful wager.

Best Legal Masters Betting Sites

The best legal Masters betting sites, as we have thoroughly demonstrated, are those based overseas where the sports betting laws are much for favorable for enthusiasts of wagering on the PGA Tour and other sports. These sites, of which we think Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365 are the best of the best even in this tightly contested field, have several key aspects that makes them the obvious choice for savvy bettors and dedicated sports fans looking to win big on the week of the 2018 Masters. Here’s the deal: sites like these industry-leaders combine unbeatable odds on the Masters with advanced security features, reliable payouts, plenty of options for making deposits and compelling bonuses and promotional offers to keep you bankrolled and in on the action of betting on the 2018 Masters Tournament.

Bovada – The Top Site For Betting On The Masters In The USA

When it comes to betting on the Masters in the USA year after year, no offshore sportsbook offers the platform to do it with the flair of Latvia-based site Bovada. The developers of this betting shop obviously spared no expense in time or resources when they set out to create a slick, aesthetically pleasing ‘book that was as easy to use as it was good to look at. The odds on the 2018 Masters offered by Bovada set the standard by which all other US-friendly betting sites are judged, and though there are some other sportsbook websites that have more options on a given event, none can top Bovada for ease of use or profitability. Bovada backs up those strengths with some of the industry’s best promotional offers, in some cases (like, for instance, if you make a deposit using the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin) you can get up to $5,000 in free wagers, no questions asked. That makes it incredibly simple – and inherently less risky – to bet on your favorite sports, like the PGA tour and the 2018 Masters in particular, at Bovada compared to its rivals.

BetOnline – The Best Deposit Options And More 2018 Masters Odds Of Any Online Sportsbook

If what you’re looking for in a legal 2018 Masters betting sportsbook is wagering options and fantastic odds to back them up, then BetOnline should be your first pick. There’s just no way around it: BetOnline, based in the Caribbean island nation of Antigua, has more betting lines and more variety within them than any other sportsbook operating in this segment. BetOnline has prop bets on specific players, including all the popular and leading golfers today from Jordan Spieth to Tiger Woods, to single- or multi-round betting options, including parlays and betting lines on the final outcome as well. There are also tons of Masters special betting lines available, particularly as the tournament goes on and new storylines develop. This site also has more options for bankrolling your account than its competitors, ranging from American Express credit cards to Bankwire direct account transfers, the latter of which has no maximum deposit limit. If you want to legally bet on the 2018 Masters online in the US, then you could certainly do a lot worse than sticking to BetOnline to do it.

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