Odds For The 2018 Masters - Who's Favored To Win The 2018 Masters

In the world of golf, there aren’t too many tournaments anywhere in the world that can match the Masters for history, tradition or prestige. By the time the week of the Masters’ 2018 edition finally arrives, the leading legal offshore sportsbook sites will have already listed odds for the 2018 Masters for weeks if not months, so the time to lock in your bets is now while the getting is still good. With that being said, we have the latest betting odds on the outright winner of the entire four-day tournament – but who’s favored to win the 2018 Masters? For the 85th edition of the annual event, we are looking at a tie between the more experienced Dustin Johnson and the young gun Jordan Spieth.

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Johnson, who is in the top three money leaders in the 2018 PGA Tour, having won well north of $2.5 million after competing in just four events thus far, has moneyline odds of +750 at Bovada.lv, and fractional odds of 7/1 at Bet365.com (which serves international bettors). As for Jordan Spieth, the 24-year-old super star has matching moneyline odds of +750 at Bovada, but Bet365’s bookies rate his chances to win the 2018 Masters outright as being just beneath those of Johnson, assigning him fractional odds of 15/2.

Some other solid picks include former Masters Champion Rory McIlroy, of Ireland, who has moneyline odds of +1000 and fractional odds of 8/1, along with the realistic chances of threatening either of the two nominal leaders in the event. Australian golfer and 2015 PGA Championship winner Jason Day has the fourth-best odds on the betting boards of our most highly recommended Masters betting sites, boasting +1400 moneyline odds and still pretty darn good fractional odds of 12/1. Some of the other big names that shouldn’t be counted out of the running for the 2018 Masters’ green jacket include multiple Masters winners Tiger Woods (+1600, 18/1), Bubba Watson (+2200, 25/1) and Phil Mickelson (+2500, 25/1), and the winner of the 2017 Masters Tournament, Spaniard Sergio Garcia (+3300, 40/1).

2018 Masters: Pre-Tournament Betting Odds
2018 Masters Storylines To Watch

The Masters didn’t get to be the most famous golf tournament held stateside for nothing, and the Masters is one of the few Majors events on the annual PGA Tour to be held at the same venue year after year (that being the legendary Bobby Jones and Angus MacKenzie-designed Augusta National Golf Club). With a history rich in tradition and steeped in golfing excellence, this is probably the one tournament -even among the other Majors – that nobody wants to miss. That means there are no shortage of 2018 Masters storylines to watch going into this year’s tournament, which is set to start on April 5 and run through the 8th, particularly if you’re a serious sports bettor or a longtime devotee of the sport.

Dustin Johnson At The 2018 Masters

Dustin Johnson, who leads the betting boards at all the top legal offshore Masters betting sites, is on top of the golfing world, and he’s definitely looking to be the favorite – if however slightly – to finally collect his green jacket in Augusta this year. Johnson’s performances of late have boosted the 34-year-old into a rarified group of players like Rory McIlroy (who we’ll get to in a little bit), Tiger Woods (who is also in the mix at the 2018 Masters) and legends like Greg Norman as one of the few professionals to hang onto a No. 1 ranking for an entire year. In fact, Johnson has finished behind two golfers in the last three tournaments, and leads the entire PGA in strokes off the tee, has the highest birdie and scoring average and ranks second in overall strokes – and he does it all with regularity in a most predictable way. That kind of consistency could help him gain the win at the 2018 Masters and set him up for an eight-win season this year.

Jordan Spieth At The 2018 Masters

Jordan Spieth, at just 24 years of age, could well be the face of international golf by this time next year, particularly if he does well at the 2018 Masters. He has the odds to do it, as the bookies at Bovada and Bet365 (among other respected legal offshore sportsbooks) have him as only slightly behind the front-runner, Johnson, on the betting boards, but his chances of doing so are quite good on their own merits. He did, after all, win the green jacket in 2015 and he has the potential to get a second one this time around, but only if he can rein in his short game. Spieth is currently sitting on the 161st best ranking in terms of strokes gained and putting, which is a long way to have fallen since he completed the 2015 and 2016 Tours in second and ninth spots, respectively, but if he can become more consistent win number two in Augusta is definitely on the table.

Tiger Woods At The 2018 Masters

Tiger Woods has been a fixture in the collective psyche of sports fans since the 90s, and that’s even when he isn’t exactly a huge fixture on the greens, if you know what we’re saying. After falling off the radar toward the end of the last decade due to a combination of poor choices in his personal life and generally poor health, Woods has been in a seemingly endless cycle of mini-comeback, middling success and semi-precipitous setback. However, his 2018 performances – while limited to just a few key tournaments leading into April and Augusta National – have shown flashes of brilliance as much as they have shown signs of a weak driving game and paltry putting. Nevertheless, no serious golf bettor will dare to count Tiger out of the running; how could you? With four Masters championships and a never-ending stream of hype constantly being poured on him regardless of his showings in other tournaments, it seems like he’s just a healthy run away from adding a fifth green jacket to his collection.

Phil Mickelson At The 2018 Masters

Phil Mickelson, who turns 48 this summer, is one of what serves as golf’s old guard nowadays, but don’t let his somewhat advanced age compared to a lot of the other headlining players in this year’s Masters Tournament listings. Mickelson has been really quite solid in his seven appearances on the Tour for 2018, with top-15 showings in all of them, including three top-five finishes, thanks to a dominant game at irons distance and a first-overall ranking on the putting green. “Lefty” has typically looked really good during the run-up to the Masters, and the 2018 edition doesn’t look to be any different in that regard, although it could be said that his real prize will be a win at the Ryder Cup this year. You know you’re in the upper strata of the golfing world when the biggest and most important tournament on the yearly tour is just a stepping stone for “bigger and better things” – that is, events you like competing in more.

Other Ways To Bet On The 2018 Masters

Because the Masters is the first of the four Major tournaments of the year and one of the most prestigious on the PGA Tour, there are other ways to bet on the 2018 Masters besides simply picking a single golfer out of the entire field that you think will win the tourney outright. Although there are literally more than a hundred different wagers available for the 2018 Masters and other similarly significant tournaments like it, we will go into a deeper breakdown of a few of the most popular wager types.

Although betting lines falling under these categories will be offered in the lead-up to the 2018 Masters, none of the legal offshore sportsbook sites we recommend for our readers are currently listing them. Be sure to check back at the golf betting section of Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365 for all the latest details as we get closer to the start of the 85th annual Masters Tournament.

2018 Masters First Round Leader Odds: Top 30


Top 5 & Top 10 Finish Prop Bets

Wagers of these types are exactly what they sound like: bets on the golfer of your choice to finish somewhere inside the top 10 places on the leaderboard by the end of the 2018 Masters Tournament. When betting on a golfer to finish within the top five or top ten places (as stipulated by the bookies listing the betting line for the wager), all the golfer you choose needs to do is stay at or above the designated position on the leaderboard. If that condition is met, you win the bet and collect your money.

For instance, let’s say Tiger Woods has odds to finish inside the top five positions at the 2018 Masters is actually less than 1/1, sitting at -175 on the moneyline. That is equivalent to Woods having fractional odds of 4/7, meaning that you would have to wager $7 just to win $4 plus the amount of the original wager. If you’re looking to get in on the action for a top-10 finish, let’s say that the odds for Woods to make it into that bracket drops to -400 (1/4). That's not the best example to use because of the less than 1-to- 1 payout, but it does illustrate just how lopsided some of these bets can become if the golfer you prefer has shown to be successful over the years. Players on that level are considered almost a sure thing payout for the bookies, which naturally don’t want to sieve money after an easy win for the golfer.

Let's look at another example to illustrate a different point. Assuming "Will Bubba Watson Finish In The Top Five?" is the prop betting line found at Bovada. The odds on this hypothetical bet is +600 (or fractional odds of 6/1), so all Watson would need to do is finish the 2018 Masters tied for fifth place or better. It's not an unreasonable outcome for Watson, a past Masters Champion, and you've got a lot more cushion than if you were to pick somebody like Sergio Garcia, who, despite winning last year’s Masters, doesn’t have extra-solid chances to win this year’s edition.

If you’re interested in seeing the current 2018 Master betting odds of the types we’ve discussed, just click here to have a look at what Bovada has in store. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for just yet, don’t worry: the bookies at the leading legal offshore Masters betting sites will be updating their betting boards in short order with the 2018 edition of the Master coming up soon.

Head-To-Head Wager Lines

One of the most popular varieties of prop bets available for the 2018 Masters are head-to-head wager lines. If you decide to go with a bet of this type, you’ll be able to bet on the comparative outcome of any two golfers of your choosing. That means that, even though neither Tiger nor Rory may win the 2018 Masters Tournament, bettors still have the opportunity to pit them against each other with head-to-head betting odds. Head-to-head betting matchups typically aren’t listed until right before the start of the Masters, so be sure to check back at the golf betting sections of the top-rated legal sportsbooks for all the updates as they become available.

In the meantime, we’ll take a look at a few examples of what head-to-head wager lines can look like at our most highly recommended online sportsbook sites serving American and international golf fans. The examples you see below were real betting lines from just a few years ago, so it may be helpful to compare them to the current 2018 Masters betting odds.


  • Tiger Woods -175
  • Rory McIlroy +135


  • Phil Mickelson -200
  • Justin Rose +155

These are just two examples of the head-to-head lines that are typically available. As is the case with all moneyline-style odds, the lower the number (usually indicated by the minus symbol preceding it) is assigned to the golfer that is favored by the bookies to win or to satisfy the criteria of the wager. In these two bets, Woods and Mickelson are favored – if however slightly – over McIlroy and Rose, respectively. In order for you to win the bet, you simply need to choose which golfer you think will finish with the better overall score after all four rounds of the 2018 Masters Tournament.

Do note that since neither of the two favorites may win the tournament, they could end up in a tie which would result in wagers being returned to bettors on both sides of the bet. These kinds of bets are likely to be available through the start of tournament, but they could possibly be available between rounds as well. If you'd like to see more of the matchups you can wager on, go to the head-to-head Masters odds at Bovada to find out more information and to keep abreast of all the latest betting lines.

3-Ball Betting Odds

Betting on "3-Ball" lines is essentially picking the low score out of a group of three golfers. Bets of this kind are made on the actual groupings that the Masters organizers release prior to the start of the tournament. With that being said, 3-ball betting odds for the Masters will not be known until oddsmakers have reviewed the first and second round groups. We'll have more info on these when they become available or you can follow this link which will take you to the 3-ball odds offered by Bovada in its golf-betting section.

Other 2018 Masters Prop Bets

The simple fact is that, even though we’ve looked at a sizeable portion of the most popular proposition-type wagering methods, but, frankly, there are just too many other 2018 Masters prop bets being offered for us to get into them all. With the Masters getting bigger every year, more proposition wagers become available – that’s just how it goes. In fact, there could be more props available on the last day of the tournament than there were on the first day, and certainly more betting lines than were offered a few months out from the 85th edition of the event.

Although we can’t quite discuss these other prop bets to the degree we would like to, we still aim to keep our readers as up-to-date and informed as possible. Here are a few of the Masters prop bets that you might not have been aware you could wager on at the leading legal offshore sportsbook sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes or Bet365.

Top American Finisher


  • Tiger Woods 7/4
  • Phil Mickelson 11/2
  • Bubba Watson 12/1

With this particular proposition wager, a bettor will simply be betting on which golfer will finish with the best score of all of the American players in the field. Also, other nationalities are available via this same wagering method, such as: Top English (or Australian, Japanese, Korean, Irish or Spanish) Finisher and so on.

Winning Nationality

  • American 4/5
  • England 6/1
  • Ireland 7/1
  • South Africa 8/1

This betting method is fairly self-explanatory. All you will need to do as the bettor is to pick the country where you think the winner of the Masters will come from. If any golfer in the entire field hails from the country you choose win the tournament, your bet will be a winner. Many smart bettors stand to make a ton of real money using this method as you can generally hedge your other bets with an easy win. Seriously, just take a look at the names of the golfers in this tournament – you just about can’t go wrong by picking the US to win the 2018 Masters Tournament.

Winning Margin

  • Playoff +240
  • 1 Stroke +250
  • 2 Strokes +350
  • 3 Strokes +450

Basically, all a bettors needs to do under the rules of this wagering type is to choose how many shots clear of the field the winner will be after 72 holes. You will also have the option of a playoff being needed to decide the winner. You will win the bet if your chosen golfer wins by that margin, meaning this particular wager type takes a good deal of planning, strategy and handicapping on the part of the bettor if you want to be successful in the long term.

Hole In One

  • Will Tiger Woods Get A Hole-in-one: +8000
  • Will Phil Mickelson Get A Hole-in-one: +9000
  • Will Rory Mcilroy Get A Hole-in-one: +7500

These are “yes-only” wagers, wherein a bettor will go about picking a particular golfer and then seeing if they will record a hole-in-one during the 2018 Masters Tournament. The hole-in-one shot can occur on any hole and during any round of play, which makes it worthwhile for many experienced bettors to get in on the action as a means of padding out their winning ticket. In the case of the above examples, a successful bet of this type will pay upward of 75-to-1, or at least $75 for every $1 you wager if the golfer you pick happens to record an ace on his scorecard during the week. There are many more of these hole-in-one props for the Masters available at Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, 5Dimes and Bet365.

Will The Winner Be Wearing A Hat Or Visor?

  • Hat -500
  • Visor +300

Golf is a pretty serious sport – look no further than the fact that most golf courses observe a strict “quiet on the course” rule that goes all the way back to the game’s origins as a gentlemanly pursuit (and all the codes of etiquette that go along with it). With that sat, it should come as no surprise that there are tons of silly prop bets to be found in the 2018 Masters betting section of the leading legal offshore sports betting sites. The above example is one such off-the-wall prop bet for the Masters in its 85th edition.

Just like you probably have already figured out, all a bettor needs to do is wager on what kind of headgear the winner is sporting during the Masters. If you want to get in on this kind of action, we advise you to start doing your research on what your chosen golfer to win will wear on his head for the 2018 Masters Tournament. Tiger Woods, for example has historically preferred a baseball cap, as has Rory McIlroy, whereas Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and others all pretty much choose to don visors. What side of the bet are you going to pick? Hats are a big favorite – as cap-wearing golfers Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth - but picking visor to win has the equivalent to 3-to-1 odds or +300 on the moneyline, so it might be worth taking that side, particularly as Mickelson looks to make a big impact in the 2018 edition of the legendary Masters Tournament.

Four Things Bettors Need To Know About The 2018 Masters

The Defending Champion

Spaniard Sergio Garcia spent much of his nearly 20-year professional career somewhere in the top 10 of the Official World Golf Ranking, but despite enjoying success at various Major championships in the US PGA and on the European Tour throughout the 2000s, he never really had a truly huge win until 2017. Garcia conquered at the ’17 edition of the Masters Tournament, wowing the crowd and adding the biggest accolade yet to his impressive – but not stellar – career. Now 38 years old, Garcia is enjoying the fruits of his true professional breakthrough (and in fact was recently presented with the so-called “breakthrough award” at the Laureus Awards in Monaco). Garcia may not be the strongest defending champ in Masters history, but nobody on the course should overlook his now mature capabilities under pressure.

Avoid Betting On The Winner Of The Par-3 Contest

If you want to win big by betting on the 2018 Masters Tournament, be advised that you probably don't want to place a wager on the same player to win both the Par-3 Competition and the Masters proper. Wait until the night of Wednesday, April 4 to place your bet. Why is that? Well, the annual tradition that is the Par-3 Competition takes place the Wednesday prior to the first round of the main tournament and, thus far, no player in the 80-year history has won the Par-3 tournament and the Masters in the same year. This is your last warning. If you still can’t be swayed, that’s on you, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Americans Have Dominated The 2018 PGA Tour

At this point, only two tournaments on the 2018 PGA tour have not been won by American golfers. Jon Rahm of Spain took the top spot at the CareerBuilder Challenge, held from Jan. 18 to the 21st at the TPC Stadium Course at PGA West, and Australian Jason Day won the Farmers Insurance Open, held Jan. 25-29 on the South Course at Torrey Pines. In literally every other case as of the first of March, all other PGA Tour events have been won by American players, and the two favorites going into the first Major tournament of the year – the legendary Masters Tournament, held every year at Augusta National Golf Course, are Americans Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth.

Does that mean that an American will win the 2018 Masters? Who knows? But betting odds will certainly favor an American at the top in the form of either Johnson or Spieth. From there, players like Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods will be the top American favorites. Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Charl Schwartzel and others will be among the top International favorites.

There Is Some Serious Value For Top Players In The World

If you haven't looked at the betting odds to win the 2018 Masters the week of the tournament yet, you should know that there are some huge payouts available for some of the top-ranked players in the world. Partly because Dustin Johnson and fellow front-runner Jordan Spieth are such big favorites to win, and partly because both men have almost identical odds (7/1 for Johnson and 15/2 for Spieth at Bet365 but equal +750 moneylines at Bovada). Even lesser-ranked players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Sergio Garcia and others have good odds all things considered, leading us to conclude that potential payouts for this year’s edition of the Masters are high indeed. When you combine that with the fact that the two top-rated players are being pretty much evenly matched by bookies and golf analysts alike, the possibility for a savvy bettor to cash out big time is certainly there if you bet on the 2018 Masters online.

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