Odds For 2013 Masters - Who's Favored To Win 2013 Masters

In the world of golf, there isn't too many weeks that are better than this. The week of the 2013 Masters has arrived! With that, we have the latest betting odds to win the 2013 Masters and you might have already guessed who is favored.... one mister Tiger Woods.

Though it's only Monday and there are still a few days to go until the start of the tournament, Tiger was the odds on favorite to win this tournament 51 weeks ago when his odds were at 6 to 1 (+600). Now, he's still the favorite but Tiger Woods 2013 Masters odds have increased and now the same dollar wager only pays $3 (3 to 1, +300), which is only half of what his post-2012 Masters odds paid.

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Think about that for a second... we'll wait. It's just incredible to think that one golfer can be a 3 to 1 favorite when the field consists of the best players in the world. The field is limited for The Masters in comparison to other PGA Tour events, but geez. It seems as though the oddsmakers are fairly confident in the four-time Masters winner.

Following Tiger is Rory McIlroy, who was recently surpassed by Tiger in the World Golf Rankings for the #1 position. While still very talents, questions linger around Rory and some of his recent decisions like pulling out of tournaments, mid-round, because he wasn't in "a good place".

At the time, it was just puzzling and it didn't sit well with the oddsmakers. And despite finishing as runner-up at the Valero Texas Open, Rory Mclroy 2013 Masters odds are at 8 to 1 for the young Irish-man to claim his first Masters Championship and a the coveted green jacket.

Rounding out the top-3 is Phil Mickelson. The patrons love "Lefty" and he loves Augusta National back. A three-time winner (2004, 2006, 2010), Phil Mickelson 2013 Masters odds released this week are currently at 10 to 1 (+1000) for him claim his fourth title. Really, he should have quite a few more wins at Augusta but being a three-time winner is still an outstanding accomplishment.

He's been playing very well this year and even carded a 60 in the first round of the 2013 Waste Management Phoenix Open. If Phil can handle these greens as he did the ones at TPC Scottsdale, he will be in contention on Sunday.

But, is it going to be one of those top-3 golfers? The odds to win really start to separate from those of Tiger, Phil and Rory. After Phil is Justin Rose who sits with 20 to 1 (+2000) odds and it only goes up from there. Look below or to the left to see the entire odds for the 2013 Masters as found at Bovada on April 8th, 2013.

2013 Masters: Pre-Tournament Betting Odds
Other Ways To bet On the 2013 Masters

Because the Masters is the first Major of the year and one of the most prestigious, there are numerous ways to wager besides picking who will win it outright. Literally, there are about 100 or more different wagers available for this golf tournament. We're going to run down a few of them and show you some of the odds.

Round Leader Odds - Masters betting sites typically offer betting lines for which golfer will be leading after the first round, second round and third round. This is different than picking the winner because you are only picking which golfer will be at the top of the leaderboard.

For the 2013 Masters, all that we're going to cover are the Masters first-round leader odds. Below are the options that are available. Just as he is favored to win the tournament, Tiger Woods is also favored to lead after 18 holes. At 11 to 2, his +550 payout means bettors get $5.50 for every $1 wagered plus the wagered amount.

The order is pretty much the same order as the pre-tournament odds to win the Masters but the payouts are different and this bet will likely be decided by the end of Thursday barring inclement weather. These odds were found at Bovada on April 8th, 2013. Odds for the leader of the other rounds will be available for betting a few hours after play for the previous round has concluded

2013 Masters First Round Leader Odds: Top-30

Top-5 & Top-10 Finish Propositions - These are exactly as they sound. When betting on a golfer to finish within the top five or top ten places (whatever the wager stipulates), all that golfer needs to do is stay at or above the certain position on the leaderboard.

For instance, Tiger Woods odds to finish top-5 at the 2013 Masters is actually less than 1 to 1 as it sits at -175. That is equivalent to 4 to 7 meaning that you would have to wager $7 just to win $4 plus the original wager. And for just a top-ten finish, that number drops to -400 (1 to 4). That's not the best example to use because of the less than 1 to 1 payout but know that every other golfer pays better than even money.

Let's look at another. "Will Brandt Snedeker Finish In The Top-5?" is the wager found at Bovada. Those odds are +600 (6 to 1) and all Snedeker needs to do is finish tied for 5th or better. It's not unreasonable and you've got a lot more cushion than if you were to pick Brandt to win.

Right now, there are about 30 to 40 different names listed with both top-5 and top-10 finish propositions. If you'd like to see more, just click here and you will be taken to the page on Bovada where they are found.

Head-To-Head Wager Lines - Though Tiger nor Rory may win the 2013 Masters, bettors still have the opportunity to pit them against each other with head-to-head betting odds. There are currently about 35 matchups available between some of the biggest names. We'll take a look at a few below:

Tiger Woods vs. Rory McIlroy - 2013 Masters

  • Tiger Woods -175
  • Rory McIlroy +135

Phil Mickelson vs. Justin Rose - 2013 Masters

  • Phil Mickelson -200
  • Justin Rose +155

These are just two examples of the head-to-head lines that are available. The lower number, usually indicated by the minus symbol preceding it, is the one that is favored. In these two bets, Tiger and Phil are favored over Rory and Justin Rose respectively. To win the bet, simply choose which golfer will finish with the better overall score from all four rounds.

Do note that since neither may win the tournament, they could end up in a tie which would result in wagers being returned to both sides of bet. These are likely to be available through the start of tournament but could possibly be available between rounds. If you'd like to see more of the matchups you can wager on, go to the head-to-head Masters odds at Bovada by following the preceding link.

3-Ball Betting Odds - Betting on "3-Ball" lines is essentially picking the low score out of a group of three golfers. These bets are made on the actual groupings that the Masters organizers release. With that said, 3-ball betting odds for the Masters will not be known until oddsmakers have reviewed the first/second round groups. We'll have more info on these when they become available or you can follow this link which will take you to the 3-ball odds at Bovada

Other 2013 Masters Prop Bets - There are way too many props to list them all here on this page but we're going to do our best to give you an idea of what is available. Frankly, the bigger the Masters gets every year, more proposition wagers become available. In fact, there could be more props available on Wednesday than what are available on Monday.

Here are a few of the Masters prop bets that you probably didn't know you could wager on:

  • Top American Finisher: Tiger Woods 7/4, Phil Mickelson 11/2, Keegan Bradley 12/1, etc... (more)

With this particular proposition wager, you are simply betting on who will finish with the best score of all of the American players. Also, other nationalities are available such as: Englishman, Australian, Asian, Irish, etc...

  • Winning Nationality: American 4/5, England 6/1, Ireland 7/1, South Africa 8/1, etc... (more)

Self explanatory. All you need to do is pick the country where you think the winner of the Masters will come from. If any of the golfers representing the country you choose win the tournament, your bet will be a winner.

  • Winning Margin: Playoff +240, 1-Stroke +250, 2-Strokes +350, 3-Strokes +450, etc... (more)

Basically, all you need to do is choose how many shots clear of the field the winner will be after 72 holes with the option of a playoff being needed to decide the winner.

  • Will Tiger Woods Get A Hole-In-One: +8000
  • Will Phil Mickelson Get A Hole-In-One: +8000
  • Will Rory McIlroy Get A Hole-In-One: +8000

These are "YES" only wagers where you pick if a particular golfer will record a hole-in-one during the 2013 Masters. It can be on any hole, during any round and it pays 80 to 1, or $80 for every $1 wagered if the golfer you pick happens to record an ace on his scorecard. There are many more of these hole-in-one props for the Masters available at Bovada.

  • Will The Winner Be Wearing At Hat Or Visor: Hat -500, Visor +300

This is an example of a silly prop bet for the Masters. You are simply wagering on what kind of headgear the winner is sporting during the Masters. If you want to bet on this, start doing your research on what your pick to win will wear. Tiger wears hats, Rory wears hats, Phil wears visors, Brandt wears visors, Bubba Watson wears visors... who are you going to pick? Hats are a big favorite but picking visor to win pays 3 to 1 or +300, and Bubba wore one in 2012.

Four Things Bettors Need To Know About The 2013 Masters

The Defending Champion - Bubba Watson dazzled patrons at Augusta National in 2012 with his performance, ultimately winning on the 2nd playoff hole vs. Louis Oosthuizen. Watson orchestrated a magical shot from the right hand bank of the trees on #10 at Augusta National for his approach shot, landing within 15 feet of the hole. Oosthuizen struggled on the hole, leaving his second shot left. After failing to get it on the green with his third, he made it rather easy on Watson to two-putt for his four, and the first Major Championship victory of his career.

Avoid Betting On The Winner Of The Par-3 Contest - If you want to make sure you don't place a wager on the player to win the Par-3 competition at the Masters, you will want to wait until Wednesday night to place your bet. The annual tradition that is the Par-3 competition takes place the Wednesday prior to the first round. No player in history has won the Par-3 tournament and the Masters in the same year. This is your warning.

Americans Have Dominated The 2013 PGA Tour - Had it not been for the victory at the Valero Texas Open this past weekend by Martin Laird, international players would have had zero victories on the 2013 PGA tour heading into the Masters. Through the Shell Houston Open, won by D.A. Points, golfers from the United States have won every single PGA Tour event in 2013. American golf is certainly as good as it's ever been, and with the large international base that makes up much of the world's top-50 players, it's a testament to how well players from the U.S. have played.

Does that mean that an American will win the 2013 Masters? Who knows? But betting odds will certainly favor an American at the top in Tiger Woods. From there, players like Bubba Watson, Brandt Snedeker, Phil Mickelson, Matt Kuchar and Steve Stricker will be the top American favorites. Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Charl Schwartzel and others will be among the top International favorites.

There Is Some Serious Value For Top Players In The World - If you haven't looked at the betting odds to win the 2013 Masters the week of the tournament yet, you should know that there are some huge payouts available for some of the top-ranked players in the world. Partly because Tiger Woods is such a big favorite (set at 3 to 1), and partly because many of these players don't have a Major win, we can see why they might be there. But some of the payouts seem quite high, and the potential to cash in big is there.

For example, Luke Donald, the #3 ranked player in the world is set at 33 to 1. Steve Stricker is going off at 50 to 1. Even defending champion Bubba Watson is set back at 33 to 1. Be sure to go down the list of odds, because there are payouts that are worth betting just for the value.